Focus 50

Advanced Emotional well-being course 

Discover 50 Minor Tweaks That can Unlock Emotional Flourishing and high performance among employees

Multiply the chances of success of your Employees by fostering skills that enhance Joy, Self-motivation, Creativity and Collaboration.

How FOCUS 50 transforms your life?

We all have a range of emotions. To build a good life, on one hand, one needs to know how to regulate emotions like stress, anxiety, and sadness or in general minimize misery and on the other, we also need to learn skills of emotional flourishing, skills which enhance joy, awe, hope, inspiration, and pride

Based on Positive Psychology, our advanced emotional well-being course leverages the scientifically proven framework of PERMA teaching Employees skills to reduce negative emotions and also skills to enhance positive ones. 

 As they start implementing the framework with the help of our course, they will also observe overall satisfaction of life increasing, broader attention, more creative and analytical thinking, higher productivity, better social relationships, and physical health. 

Our Course curriculum and proprietary methodology are designed to bring holistic growth and impact the mental, social & emotional areas of learners

Reduces negative Emotions like Stress, Anxiety, and Loneliness

Enhances Positive emotions like  Joy, hope, Awe, Inspiration, and Pride 

Impact Achievement orientation

Build Deep relationships with others

Find meaning in life

Build an engaging life

How corporates benefit from Employees Emotional Flourishing

In today‚Äôs workplace, focusing on organizational outcomes is only one part of the success equation; organizations need to also prioritize employee well-being in order to be sustainable. The combination of the two leads to a psychologically healthy workplace.  Research suggests that the pursuit of emotional flourishing is a key contributor to the following:

Reduced Absenteeism 

Enhanced productivity and success rate

Better Resilience and ability to deal with change

Enhanced problem-solving skills

Better collaboration

Increase in Creativity

What's in it for Employees

Emotional flourishing allows individuals to build a good life, one where they find fulfillment in their life, accomplish meaningful and worthwhile tasks, and connect with others at a deeper level. Research showcases the following benefits.

Higher Mental-wellbeing

Better emotional regulations

Lower risk of cardiac disease

Higher Life Satisfaction

Higher success rate at work

Lower number of chronic diseases with age


Salient Features of our Course

Self-paced online course

Do it at your pace on Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile

Vetted by  Psychologists

Developed and Vetted by team of practising Psychologist

English language     

We are happy to customize our course as per your language preference

Brings Behavioral   change

A life skill program is successful only if it brings behavioral change

Scalable and cost-effective

Our online course is scalable. Whether 500 or 500k students, our platform will not fuzz

Roll it out in an hour

Start your entrepreneurial mindset development course in less than an hour

How do we assess the impact?

The criteria for assessing the success of the program are mutually agreed upon with our partners. Following are the common criteria.

Drop Rate 

Percentage of students who finished the course within a given time frame


Baseline and end line assessments prepared by our team

Partner Questionaire

We are happy to assess our program's success with the assesments prepared or suggested by the Partners team

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