Focus 50

Discover 50 Minor Tweaks That Can Unlock a Long Life of Freedom, Achievements, and Abundance.

Did you know that there are 50 simple tweaks in your life that can dramatically change the course of your future?

 Most people focus on the wrong things during their personal development journey. Focus 50 reveals precisely what to zone in on, so you can get incredible results in no time flat - with zero guesswork required.

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Get your hands on this powerful, yet easy-to-implement approach that is backed by science, psychology, and industry experts.

Focus 50 is the only course in the world that combines life-transforming research from Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and the Pareto principle to bring you closer to your life goals. Using the power of science and psychology, Focus 50 transforms the way you Think, Choose, Act & React, aligning them to your life goals.

Why Focus 50 is Different

 Curated by Experts

Focus 50 isn't a theory. It's a proven method created by practicing Psychologist & Behavioural Experts 

 Backed by Science

Focus 50 is supported by the latest research in Neuroscience & Positive Psychology. It's a vetted process you can trust

 Created For the Modern World

Focus 50 is designed for modern-day factors & challenges. Get up-to-date actionable information

 Long Term results

Focus 50 doesn't give you quick motivation that fades. It sets the stage for the rest of your life by positively changing how you see yourself, the world, and your desires

How it Works


Learn 50 enablers commonly found in self-made billionaires, icons & high achievers which impact 80-85% of your success and happiness

Step 2

Install the same enablers & strengthen them with the help of our tools 

Step 3

Learn why they were not working in your favor before and how to leverage them to your advantage

Step 4

Remove mental, emotional & behavioural blocks which are a hurdle in growth with our easy to use tools

Step 5

Implement the learnings in your life with practice

Step 6

Experience the change in the way you think, choose, act & react

Focus 50 by the Numbers


Flourishing Learners in USA, UK, Australia, Middle East & APAC region


Reported significant change in belief system towards life goals from Day1


Experienced a dramatic shift in multiple aspects of life after just 3 months of following the FOCUS 50 process 

What Will You Learn

Understand why some people excel in life while others stay stuck 

Learn the Neuroscience behind human behaviour and how to hack it

Discover how the brain processes and accepts information that leads to changed behaviour.

Learn how to 'rewire' the brain to spark real change 

Know the triggers and root causes behind life defining behaviours and how to manipulate them to our advantage

Uncover the 50 Enablers that impact 80-85% of your life’s quality

Tools that fast-track results

Guidance on how to make this change permanent

Who Has benefited from Focus 50


 It is certainly a great investment. Helped me take my startup to new heights

Philippe C, Singapore

Oh boy! Eye-opener! If you not enrolling, you are missing something epic

Shekar D, India

After "The Secret" if there is a book/course that I recommend. It is this one!

Martha G, USA

 It can easily give some of the bestsellers in the market run for their money!

Richard B, USA

Insightful, relatable, and packed with actionable knowledge.

Jeffrey D, USA

Have changed my relationship with myself. 5 Star!

Lee Y, USA

What You Get

Instant access to our Online Learning Platform

Convenient access on  Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet device 

60+ Videos, 100+ PDFs

Easy to understand videos and thought-provoking supplementary material 

30 days Money Back Guarantee

Don't like the course? No problem. Let us know, and we will give you a full no-questions-asked refund

Wait a minute...We have something more for you

If you take the action now, along with our powerful FOCUS 50 Course, you will also get the following life-changing bonus content  absolutely FREE

Special Bonuses Worth INR 7500 for Taking Action 

Quick Action Bonus #1: How to Live Stress-Free: Ebook worth INR 799

Are You Feeling Stressed, Overwhelmed, and  Full Of Anxiety? You’re Not Alone. But You Can Stop It…And Learn To Live A Stress-Free Life with this course


Quick Action Bonus #2: Controlling Your Anger - Video Modules worth INR 1247

Anger might be destroying your professional and personal relationships. Grab this anger management and anger relief course to live a more fulfilling life.


Quick Action Bonus #3: Mindfulness - Video Modules worth INR 1389

Learn How to Relax and Improve Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Mindfulness


Quick Action Bonus #4: How to stop worrying what other people think of You - Video Modules worth INR 1149

It’s About Time For You To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think Of You!


Quick Action Bonus #5: Overcoming Anxiety - Video Modules worth INR 1247

Over 19.5% of the population suffer from Anxiety disorders. This impacts your day-to-day life and well-being. Learn to overcome anxiety and live a fuller life.


Quick Action Bonus #6: Breaking Bad Habits - Video Modules worth INR 1347

It’s about time for you to Break Bad Habits that are drowning you and build good ones! It time to feel liberated.

Focus 50 will impact every area of your life in all of the best ways. It will make you think, act and react as high achievers do. It will unleash your true potential and change your life's trajectory as a whole.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started. There's no time to waste.

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