Focus 50                                                     An Entrepreneurial mindset  and 21st-century life skills development course

Unlock the potential of young adults by building an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st-century essential life skills

Multiply the chances of an individual's success by making small tweaks in their mindset and learning essential life skills

What is an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st-century essential life skills?

An entrepreneurial mindset is a way of thinking that enables people to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in a variety of settings.  Whereas 21st-century life skills ( which are also known as soft skills, social-emotional skills, 21st-century essential skills, power skills, noncognitive skills, and work readiness skills) are behavior and skills that drive well-measured actions. Together they aid in building a flourishing life.

 An entrepreneurial mindset combined with 21st-century essential life skills makes one unstoppable. Allows individuals to have better control over their lives and enhance their chances of success many folds.

Common characteristics among individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st-century life skills

What is the need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st-century life skills in young adults?

The world, as well as the employment landscape, is evolving fast bringing new and unique challenges for young adults. The fourth industrial revolution is speeding ahead making the job market evolve like never before making current skills redundant and way for new skills.

The problem will only get acute in the future as these students move into jobs that are yet to be created today. These new jobs require a different mindset - one that is flexible, customer-oriented, and constantly in search of opportunities. Businesses need people who offer not only hard skills but also the soft skills associated with entrepreneurship: innovation, self-reliance, comfort with risk, communication, and problem-solving. These skills are crucial not only to creating a new business but also to strengthening human capital, making young people more employable, and competitive and preparing them for the uncertain future of work. These 21st-century life skills will help them not only cope but flourish in the complex new environments in the community, business, jobs, and personal life. 

 With this change in the employment landscape, Entrepreneurial thinking along with essential 21st-century skills is a key contributor to academic and career success.  This will present an advantage to these future citizens, today‚Äôs young adults, and children, to discover and invent creative, sustainable solutions.

How Focus 50 helps in developing an entrepreneurial mindset and more?

Based on positive psychology and neuroscience, our course focuses exactly on those mindsets and life skills that contribute 80-85% to an individual's growth. Our advanced course not only brings awareness about these enablers but also teaches ways to incorporate them into your behavior.  With our course, young adults can take away the guesswork and focus where it gives results. 

Salient features

Brings Behavioral   change

A life skill program is successful only if it brings behavioral change

Scalable and cost-effective

Our online course is scalable. Whether 500 or 500k students, our platform will not fuzz

Roll it out in an hour

Start your entrepreneurial mindset development course in less than an hour

Byte-sized video content

Our videos are byte sized to ensure higher retention

Assessments and activities

Built-in quiz and activities to ensure reinforcement

Multiple languages

We are happy to customize our course as per your language preference

Our Course is designed to bring holistic growth and impact following areas of learner

Achievement orientation

Mental Well-being


Meaning and Purpose

Creativity & Thinking

Relationships with others

How it works


Learn about the 50 enablers with the help of byte-sized, 1-minute-long videos. These enablers are commonly found in successful business people, icons & high achievers which impact 80-85% of your success and happiness


Use our toolkit to install a growth mindset about these enablers. A growth mindset ensures progressive action toward life goals with confidence


Reinforce knowledge learned with the help of our activities and assessments


Implement in life and experience change in the way you think, act & react and build a flourishing life

How do we assess the impact?

The criteria for assessing the success of the program are mutually agreed upon with our partners. Following are the common criteria.

Drop Rate 

Percentage of students who finished the course within a given time frame


Baseline and end line assessments prepared by our team

Partner Questionaire

We are happy to assess our program's success with the assesments prepared or suggested by the Partners team


Curious to know more? Ask for Focus 50 course curriculum or a demo login to our learning management system? 

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