Growth mindset and Social-emotional skill development course for adolescents

Fastrack your Teen's success story by preparing them for the exams that life throws.

Use the power of internationally proven social-emotional development framework and science to equip your child with growth mindsets and 21st-century life skills allowing them to take their destiny into their hand. 

Our survey showed that parents with kids in the age group 14 to 18 worry the most about their kid's future. 

Here are the most common reason of their worry and how our course helps in removing them

I worry that in a few years, my child will step out into a world that is highly competitive and harsh.

While we can't change the world, we can ensure that child is ready to face the challenge in the best possible way and also make the most of opportunities so that the child is equipped to build a successful and fulfilling life

There are all sorts of people, my child is naive to differentiate good from bad

Developing a healthy individual identity and not looking for external validation ensures that a child knows how to build supportive relations both personally and professionally                                                                                             

My child does not realize its potential

Building progressive mindsets is the first step towards realizing potential and starting the journey to achieve it. Our course focuses on building growth mindsets and also developing skills needed to achieve the potential                                                                                                                                             

What if my child does not get into an institute of his choice after Class 12th? Her/his life will be finished

Getting into a reputed institute does not or is not the only way to guarantee success in professional life.  Developing achievement orientation in kids ensure that they succeed irrespective of hurdles. Our courses teach them how to set goals, develop skills to achieve them and also deal with challenges that come their way during this journey.

I hear depression and suicide rates increasing among teenagers. I want my child to be happy

Understanding emotions and managing them helps kids in dealing with emotional surges efficiently. Our course teaches kids how to deal with negative emotions and also enhances positive ones like Joy, curiosity, awe, inspiration etc .                                                                                                                                 .

I hear Climate change, Artificial intelligence and robotics will take away jobs. Will it impact my child?

The younger generation will be impacted the most by these developments. This generation will have to deal with an environment that is constantly changing. They will have constantly upgrade their skills to be relevant. Our course prepares them to deal with change and thrive in a chaotic environment ensuring your child thrives always.

Will my child be able to make the right decisions in life?

Decisions decide the future. Our course develops the ability to think from logical as well as emotional aspects in a balanced way.

 Things might not always go as per our Child's wish. How will he handle?

Our course helps in developing a growth mindset that encourages that failure or hurdles are common and how to overcome them

 Kids have to deal with various views and people from different cultures

Diversity and inclusion are here to stay. Developing social awareness which allows kids to appreciate and empathize with others goes a long way in making them future leaders.

How Thrive transforms your teenager's life?

Teenage is the stage where the child is moving towards adulthood opening them to the world. Mood swings due to hormonal changes, having no control over changes in the body, peer pressure, pressure to perform well in academics, meet parent's expectations and anxiety about the future is as similar to being put in a grinder with full force. Added to this pressure, thanks to Industrial revolution 4.0 and Climate change, these young adults will be facing an environment that is changing fast, full of uncertainties and challenges that the previous generations have not seen. The teenagers have already started experiencing the pressure of this new environment which is reflected in their mental health. While we can't control what comes their way, we can certainly prepare them to deal with it. 

Our course is designed, keeping in mind the challenges that Teenagers face and help them in developing healthy identities, managing emotions and achieving personal and collective goals, feeling and showing empathy for others, establishing and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions. Our experts have combined proven social-emotional development framework along with psychology to teach your child how to deal with situations in the best possible way and take control of their life. Not just that, we use the power of neuroscience to help them incorporate into life permanently. Irrespective of their career choices, these skills will help them soar in life. 

No guesswork at all! Just focus on our enablers and let the magic of incremental growth unfold!

 A Growth mindset combined with 21st-century essential (Social-emotional) life skills makes one unstoppable. Allows individuals to have better control over their lives and enhance their chances of success many folds.

Why Teenage is crucial in any Person's life

Teenage sees maximum evolution biologically, cognitively, and socially making children like wet clay which can be molded in various fashions. This is the stage where lessons learned have a strong influence on the coming life and decide the trajectory.  By teaching them to process and manage various highs and lows at this point in time, we prepare them to build a successful life

Common characteristics among individuals with a growth mindset and social emotional life skills

What does the research say about social-emotional learning


Employers say social-emotional skills are equal to or more important than technical skills

Top 10

Skills identified by World Economic Forum are all Social-emotional skills

Top 7

Google states top 7 characteristics of success at the company are social-emotional skills

According to the social-emotional learning report of 2018


School administrators





believe that social and emotional learning is just as important as academic learning.

Why Are Advanced Economies, International organizations, and Leading Global Education institutions focussing on developing Mindsets and 21st Century Life Skills among Adolescents 

Our Course is designed to bring holistic growth and impacts mental, social & emotional areas of learner

 Healthy perspective about self, others, and situations ( Perspective decides action and reaction to a situation. A healthy perspective drive balanced action)

Self-awareness ( Our course develops the ability to understand one's emotions, thoughts, values, strengths, and limitations with grounded confidence)

 Self Management (Our course develops abilities to manage one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations and to achieve goals and aspirations)

Social Awareness & Relationships ( Our course develops abilities to understand different backgrounds, empathize with others, establish and maintain healthy and supportive relationships and effectively navigate settings with diverse individuals and groups)

 Achievement Orientation (our course develops abilities to set Goals and achieve them too by following a structured approach)

Responsible decision making (Our course develop abilities to make caring and constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions across diverse situations)

Salient Features of our Course

Based on the CASEL framework

Based on the internationally recommended social-emotional learning CASEL framework 

Vetted By Psychologists

The course content is vetted by the team of practicing psychologist

10 hours of   content

Highly informative content - Videos, tool kit, exercises, and assessments that make you think and take steps 

Brings Behavioral   change

Our Cognitive behavior therapy-inspired approach brings behavioral change

Access on Desktop, Laptop & Mobile

Our online course can be accessed on all devices.

Self-paced, online course

You don't have to wait. Get immediate access to our course


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