Fast track your child's success with 50 minor tweaks

Based on Neuroscience, Psychology and Behavioural Science

Teenage is the most unique phase in any person’s life. This is the stage where they are moving from being a child to an adult. This stage is accompanied by multiple biological, emotional, and sexual changes. No other phase provides us with the kind of opportunity teenage provide in transforming our lives. This is the stage where kids are like wet clay and can be molded in any shape. Their cognitive and social behavior also evolves maximum during this stage. This is the stage where lessons learned have a strong influence on coming life and decide the trajectory of our lives in a big way. What if we were in a position to take advantage of this unique phase and ensure that they live a super successful and happy life?

What do we want for our kids:
  • Have Positive self-image 
  • Accomplishments 
  • Financial independence and growth 
  • Ability to build, sustain and cherish supportive relationships 
  • Being mental health positive 
  • Have a sense of contentment, happiness and Joy


Lives Enriched

How Can One Build that Life

There are two approaches of trying to be build a successful, happy and fulfilling life.

The first is trial and error, where-by we try different approaches and keep tweaking them based on results
Understand and replicate the approach of people who have already been there and done that

How This Course Helps

The second approach is the basis of our course. We believe in following a smart approach. Our Behavioural experts have brought researches which has happened in Neuroscience, Psychology and studied lives of some of the greatest people who have lived on this planet and identified 50 behavioural traits which have made them stars in their areas. There are certainly many more traits but these 50 have maximum impact on our life trajectory. So it makes sense to master these rather than spreading our energy all over. Our experts have also identified the root cause or triggers behind these behaviours and how we can tweak it and incorporate the same behaviour in our lives and see similar results.

Trick of the Trade

We understand that this is a new world and the traditional methodology of focusing only on the mental conditioning no more works. It takes more than just amplifying your mental conditioning to win this game. In today era, we need to ensure that our Emotional- wellbeing is at par as well. To achieve life goals, your mental conditioning, emotional wellbeing and action orientation needs to be in sync with your goals. If you are able to do that, no body can stop your from living a fabulous life.  Life which you desire and deserve. Our 50 enablers does the trick allowing you to fast-track  growth and enhace your ability to build a flourishing life. 

Based on Neuroscience and Positive Psychology

In This Course You Will

Know why some people are able to transform their lives and few stay in the same segment

Brings awareness about the (Neuro) science behind human behaviour and how we can take advantage of it

Create understanding of how brain works, process and accepts information which leads to behaviour change.

Learn the rules of the brain to bring change in our lives

Know the triggers or root cause behind those life defining behaviours and how to manipulate it to our advantage

Brings awareness about 50 Enablers which impact 80-85% of your life’s quality

Tools to make them a part of your behaviour

Guidance on how to make this change permanent

Focus on 50+ enablers only to transform life

How this Course is Different From Others

  • Curated by practicing Psychologists and Behaviour scientists 
  • One of the most advanced course based on Neuroscience, Behavioural science and Positive Psychology 
  • Smart approach – focus only on those areas which impact 85%- 90% of our quality of life 
  • Focus on Proactive approach towards mental health positive 
  • Focus on the root cause of human behavior and build permanence in progressive behavior 
  • Covers issues that Teens develop during  childhood (Body shaming, bullying) and have lifelong impact


Lessons learned in this course will help your kids in the coming 60-70 years of life. This will put them on a different growth trajectory altogether. This will positively impact your child’s success rate but also your relationship with your Child. They will begin to appreciate life and relationships more. They will begin to think, act and react like super achievers.

Yes, I would like to transform my Teen's life
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