How does Thrive transform your teenager's life?

How does Thrive transform your teenager’s life?

The course is designed carefully by taking into account mental and emotional development and the challenges teenagers face. It combines the social-development framework with psychology and neuroscience to teach children the best possible way to tackle various situations and take control of their lives. This evidence-based tried and tested framework is the key to helping kids unlock their potential for mental and emotional development, helping them consistently build these skills throughout the course.
The course aims to equip children to excel in life regardless of the career choices they make. It helps to develop healthy identities, manage their emotions and achieve both personal and collective goals. It also helps them to feel and show empathy towards others, establish and maintain supportive relations and also make responsible and caring decisions.

Build success
in life

Actively engage in

Grow and succeed

Improved focus to
complete tasks

Open up to new

Enjoying and excelling
around others

Manage their

Finding solutions to
life challenges


Learning from

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