What is the need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st-century life skills in young adults?

The world, as well as the employment landscape, is evolving fast bringing new and unique challenges for young adults. The fourth industrial revolution is speeding ahead making the job market evolve like never before making current skills redundant and a way for new skills.

The problem will only get acute in the future as these students move into jobs that are yet to be created today. These new jobs require a different mindset - one that is flexible, customer-oriented, and constantly in search of opportunities. Businesses need people who offer not only hard skills but also the soft skills associated with entrepreneurship: innovation, self-reliance, comfort with risk, communication, and problem-solving. These skills are crucial not only to creating a new business but also to strengthening human capital, making young people more employable, and competitive and preparing them for the uncertain future of work. These 21st-century life skills will help them not only cope but flourish in the complex new environments in the community, business, jobs, and personal life. 

With this change in the employment landscape, Entrepreneurial thinking along with essential 21st-century skills is a key contributor to academic and career success. This will present an advantage to these future citizens, today’s young adults, and children, to discover and invent creative, sustainable solutions.

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