Course Details

The lessons in THRIVE are designed with internationally proven frameworks to help adolescents develop critical skills and knowledge necessary for navigating the complex social and emotional landscape of life. Focusing and continuously getting better at those things which contribute maximum to your success is the mantra followed by highly successful people. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and strategies related to social-emotional learning, including self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, relationship-building, and responsible decision-making. It helps students to focus on consistently improving on aspects that contribute towards building a highly successful and fulfilling life. Upon completion of the course, students will have a solid foundation in social-emotional learning and be better equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of adolescence with confidence and resilience. They will gain valuable skills that will help them build a life worth celebrating.

Course Structure


The course begins with a comprehensive understanding of teaching methods, assignments and experiential activities that will be a part of this journey.


Having a strong mindset is the starting point of any human behaviour, which determines how much we allow ourselves to grow. This section of the course focuses on building a strong mindset that is progressive and resilient.

Relationship with Self

After building a great mindset, the course moves on to creating and strengthening the core relationship one has with themselves.

Winning over Life situations

Life comes with various ups and downs, bringing many difficult situations. In this module, we explore best practices to deal with them and develop a positive attitude towards difficulties.

Accomplishing like high performers

To enhance the accomplishments your children seek, having an achievement orientation is key. This module imbibes strategies adopted by high-performing individuals that help them go for their goals with preparation.

Being Social

Having a positive social life is important for balance, as we are inherently social beings. We thrive with strong connections with our peers, which is why this module will focus on building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Bonus materials

The course comes with bonus modules for self-development, covering topics about habits, overcoming anxiety, anger management and much more.